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The best software for marine aquarists /Reefers!
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Tank documentation

Manage up to 50 aquariums.

Water values: Document your water values in graphic and tabular form.
Observe the development of your water values over time.
Capture pictures and comments to document the development of your aquarium.

Animals: Manage the most important data of your aquariums occupants.
When were they bought, how expensive were they?
Are they still alive or have they already been sold or have they died? Save photos of your animals.


Use the calendar built into AquaCalculator with a reminder function for work to be carried out.

Use “series appointments” for recurring tasks.

Salt concentration

Calculate the amount of salt actually required for changing the water or adjusting the salt content of almost all available sea salt mixtures.

Tune the calcium, magnesium and alkalinity values of the sea salt mixtures you use with balling salts.

Adaptation of Calcium, magnesium and alkalinity

You are spoiled for choice! The wizard explains the various methods (2 or 3-part dosing, calcium reactor or lime water) including advantages / disadvantages and thus makes your choice easier.

Expensive specialty products are a thing of the past. World’s best, completely flexible adjustable Balling calculator.
2 calculation modes: “Correction of values” or “Permanent adjustment”.
Add “dry salts” or “liquid stock solutions”.

AquaCalculator calculates the required dosage quantities and stock solutions to adjust your calcium, alkalinity (KH) and magnesium concentration. Regardless of whether it is from inexpensive salts or products from practically all aquarium suppliers (over 100 integrated recipes). Supported are i.a. Recipes from Aquafair, Aquaforest, Coral-Care, Fauna Marin, MicrobeLift, MT-Aquaristik, Nyos, H.W. Balling, Preis Aquaristik, A.Glaser, Red Sea, Sangokai, Tropic Marin and self-defined recipes.

In addition: calculation modules for lime reactors or lime water.


The nutrient assistant advises and supports you in solving any nutrient problems.

“Dosing” or “reduction” of nitrate and phosphate.



Convert from all required parameters for seawater aquaristics (e.g. salinity ↔ density ↔ el. conductance).


Tank data


Manage your data
for target water values, water treatment, technology used, etc.

The TankEstimator supports you in estimating the
actual water volume of your aquarium system (s).



AquaCalculator offers its own cloud solution that connects any number of Windows, Mac computers, iOS devices (iPhone / iPad) and Android devices. It saves your pool data, program settings, water values, documentation, animals and pictures.

Enter data on one device and use it on all others as well.
Do you have a new device and want to transfer the existing data? … no problem with the aCloud!


Trust in your own water value measurements

Check your water tests using water samples with precisely known water values
(so-called multi-references),
to identify inaccurately measuring / expired tests
or to practice accurate measuring with it.
AquaCalculator uses the difference between the “target / actual values” determined during measurement for future measurements of your aquarium water!

  Know How

FAQs integrated in the program provide you with answers to the most common questions in marine aquaristics.

You can find more detailed information in the Premium PDF FAQs to get your tank perfectly under control
(several hundreds of pages of detailed / high-quality information including many illustrations).


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