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Tank documentation

Document your tanks water parameters in graphics and text
Easily identify values out of range.

Document the development of your tank with pictures and notes.

Use the build in timer function for getting more aqurate results of your test kits.






Use the built calendar with reminder functionality.










Salt calculation

Calculate the amount of salt you need for your next water change or to adapt your tanks salinity.

Realistic data of nearly all available synthetic salt mixes (50) included
+option to store 5 more salt mixes data by your own.






Balling MethodAdaptation of Calcium, magnesium and alcalinity
using the Balling method

You have to add Ca, Mg and carbonates in order to take care of sensible corals like SPS and LPS!

Use the worldwide most efficient and flexible Balling Calculator-Module
Let AquaCalculator evaluate the dosage of Balling salts for an exact and cost efficient adaptation of Ca, Mg and alcalinity according H.W. Balling’s method.

This one can save you lots of money that you can spend better!







Aqua Calculators “Nutrient Wizard” helps you to
– learn about all aspects of De/Nitrification
– tells you for what type of tank your recent values are good for
– Tells you what options you have to lower or increase your nutrient levels have
and even shows you optional formulations incduing dosing recommendations
….it ws never easier to get your nutrient Levels under control







Convert units of all measured quantitie


s of saltwater tanks.
(eg Salinity ↔ density ↔ specific density ↔ conductivity)



Tank data

TankEstimatorUsing AquaCalculator you can manage numerous data of your tank, targetted values, technique etc.

The TankEstimator (new) supports you in estimating the real netto-volume of your tank system(s).





Not only for professionals….. Aqua Calculator Premium!

Upgrade to premium version (11,49 US$ / 9,99€)




 Features available for Premium Version users only


Use the aCloud network for connecting as many devices running AquaCalcualtor as you want.
Your tanks water-parameters, animals, images and tank data are available and synchronized on all of your devices.
This even works among versions of different operating systems.
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac-OS, Android and Microsoft windows.

You just got a new device and want to simply use all of your existing data ?
A very easy job, using the aCloud!

Users of licensed Version of AquaCalculator for iOS, Mac-OS or Android can use this one to create their aCloud acounts (Premium Upgrade of Windows Version not mandatory).

Salting_Premium_EnExtended salt calculation

Calculate the amount of salt you need for your next water change and adapting your tanks salinity at one time

Improve values Ca, Mg and alcalinity of your salt mixtures used

Balling liquidBalling Calculator for steadily adaptation of Ca, Mg and alcalinity

Mix + use liquid solutions exactly adapted to your tanks need to become even more productive!

1.) Calculate the mixtures for your containers for the liquid solutions
(according several built-in recipees, or creating your own ones)
2.) Measure + calculate the demand of your tank for Ca, Mg and alcalinity’
3.) Dose exactly the correct amount of your liquid solutions
4.) Adapt/correct your tanks salinity that has risen due to having salts added

Recipees included: Fauna Marin “Balling Light”, AquaFair, AquaForest, Coral-Care, MT-Aquaristic, NYOS, Tropic Marin, RedSea, Preis, Sangokai, Balling-Original, Armin-Glaser copanion for reef aquaristic
AND fully flexible definition of ANY user defined recipee

Animals_EnMy animals

This is the database of your lifestock.
When and how expensive die you buy your fish, corals or anemons?
Are they still alive or not? Did you sell them in the meantime?

Store your animals best pictures.

MultireferenceAdaptation_enGet increased trust in your
water parameter measurements

Check your test kits by specialised sea water examples with exactly know concentrations
(so called multi-reference solutions)
e.g.: to determin unacurately measuring test kits,
or simply to get more experienced in determining your water parameters with your test kits.

The difference measured from the “Setpoint” to your “own measured data” of multi-references
is automatically caculated into your future measurement results of your tanks water!


Read the built in Mini-FAQs to get a quick and comprehensive answer on nearly every question concerning reef tanks

Or investigate in the Premium PDF FAQs , to manage your tank even better
(hundrets of pages of excellent infromation and pictures + illustratu