FAQ: Water parameters within reef tanks

WP-FAQ_50P– Which values should i measure ? optimal values!
– How to measure correctly?
– Important processes within reef tanks
– What is the effect of abherant water parameters?  ways to optimize!
– Filters and methods for reducing nutrients
– Chemical tips and tricks
– Salinity tables


Anemone FAQ

Anemone_FAQ_50P– Which Anemon is best for my tank? Which one best for my clownfish?
– How to take care this animals succesfully
– Recommendations for buying an anemone
– Solving issues with anemones
– Learn to know about this animals
– Different types. photos

(german version only)

Pest control (part-1): Algae and bacteria

– Identification and information of all relevant plagues of reef tanks
(Filamentous algae, diatoms, dinoflagellates, golden algae,
bubble algae, macro algae/Caulerpa, bryopsis, Cyano bacteria)
– Recommendations to get rid of your plague



Pest Control (part 2) – Critters

Plaques_FAQ2_50P– Identify your predator
– Description and effects
– Recommendations to get rid of it




 The Balling method

(adapting Calcium, Magnesium and alkalinity accurately and economically)

Balling_FAQ_50PStep-by-step descriptions!
Become a Balling-Pro within shortest time using AquaCalculator

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for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)

for Microsoft Windows




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