AquaCalculator iOS

AquaCalculator iOS AquaCalculator iOS has many usefull features Tank documentation as many tanks as you like. document your water parameters in graphic and text. document the development of your tank with pictures and notes. follow the development of your water

AquaCalculator for Android

why not simply carrying your Aqua Calculator along with you? -Record your tanks water parameters (chart or table view) -Use a calendar with reminder functionality -Calculate the amount of salt you need for your next water change or to adapt

AquaCalculator for Microsoft Windows

      Free Download: AquaCalculator Recent version: (June 13th 2018), System requirements: Windows 7, 8 or 10     Tank documentation Document your tanks water parameters in graphics and text Easily identify values out of range. Document the

AquaCalculator macOS

AquaCalculator macOS  der AquaCalculator macOS bietet zahlreiche Funktionen   Aquarium Dokumentation Verwalte beliebig viele Aquarien Dokumentiere deine Wasserwerte in Grafik und Tabellenform. ca. 50 gängige Messwerte für Meer- und Süßwasseraquarien erfassbar blende weniger wichtige Messwerte aus passe die vorgegebenen Mindest-, Maximal

AquaCalculator for iOS

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AquaCalculator for Windows

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AquaCalculator for Android

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