AquaCalculator for Android Devices

(Of course you can also use AquaCalculator for the documentation of all other aquariums).

  • Try AquaCalculator 1 week for free
  • After that you require a yearly license for 14,99€ (*1)
  • (Change/cancel your AquaCalculator subscription in the Play Store)

(*1) Price depending on the country of your Google Account

IMPORTANT for users of the former/older Android Version:

  • Upgrade to the new Version with a DISCOUNT: 2 years instead of 1 / for 50% of the price.
    –> Remain/install the existing/old version on your device to receive this 1 time offer
  • The old version will continue to work, but does not receive any more updates.

Your AquaCalculator license is valid for any number of your own Android devices
(with the same Google ID).
If you want to use AquaCalculator also for Windows or Apple devices,
you need another/own license for that!


AquaCalculator offers its own cloud solution that connects any number of Android devices, Windows computers and Apple devices. You can store tank data, program settings, water values, documentation, animals and pictures in our own cloud.
Enter data on one device and use it on all others.
You have a new device and want to transfer the existing data? … no problem with aCloud!


  • Document your water values in graphical and tabular form
  • Import ICP analysis results of various labs with only 1-Click
  • Observe the development of your water values over time
  • Keep pictures and comments to document the development of your tank
  • Manage the most important data of your animals/ tank inhabitants
  • Save photos of your animals from your media library or with the built-in cameras of your devices


  • Calculate the exact amount of salt needed for water changes or adjusting the salinity of almost any sea salt mix available
  • Match the calcium, magnesium and alkalinity values of the sea salt mixtures you use with balling salts


  • 2/3-part (Balling) Calculator with 2 calculation modes: “One-time adjustment (correction)” or “Permanent adjustment”.
  • AquaCalculator calculates the exact dosing quantities and stock solutions for adjusting the calcium, alkalinity (KH) and magnesium concentrations
  • whether from inexpensive balling salts or products of practically all aquaristic suppliers (over 100 integrated recipes)
  • ATI, Aquafair, Aquaforest, Coral-Care, Fauna Marin, MicrobeLift, MT-Aquaristik, Nyos, H.W. Balling, Preis Aquaristik, A.Glaser, Red Sea, Sangokai, Tropic Marin.
  • Also self-defined recipes are supported.


  • Calculation module for “reduction” of Nutrients (nitrate /phosphate)
  • Calculation module for “addition” of  Nutrients


  • Built-in Assistants help you manage nearly all aspects of your aquarium
  • Direct access to all AquaCalculator Compendiums
  • Integrated mini-FAQs – Frequently asked questions explained in a few words
  • Conversion of marine aquarium metrics (e.g. salinity ↔ density ↔ conductivity)
  • Manage your settings for target water values, water treatment, technology used, etc

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