Use the information to successfully set up and care for your saltwater aquarium and animals!

The subject is extensive and sometimes complex.

Inform yourself best before you buy a saltwater aquarium.
Save yourself mostly expensive wrong decisions and your animals unnecessary stress & possible agony.

Part 1 - Perfect water parameters in your reef aquarium

  • Understand basic processes in reef aquariums.
  • What do the individual water values do?
  • Different ways to adjust/correct.
  • Which values to measure? Which values are optimal? Tips for correct measurement.
  • Filters and methods to reduce nutrients and other tips & tricks from the chemistry sewing box.
  • Dosing/Balling method made simple together with one of the AquaCalculator apps
  • Set the parameters calcium, alkalinity and magnesium perfectly and keep them permanently constant
  • Create stock solutions
  • Correctly identify unwanted algae/bacteria in marine aquariums
  • Learn how to prevent plagues or get rid of them once your aquarium is affected
  • Identifying animal pests in marine aquariums
  • Learn how to get rid of the creatures you do not want to have in your aquarium
  • Prerequisites for successful husbandry
  • Avoiding mistakes during purchase and care
  • Which anemones for my aquarium?
  • Species guide, photos, keeping recommendations